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Retail marketing

Simplify your Retail marketing process using Encode software

Marketing campaigns are generally very resource intensive. They take up a lot of time from a lot of stakeholders per campaign. It can be a painstakingly long process, even for a marketing firm. In that case specialized software for Retail marketing can be the ultimate solution to automate time-consuming manual processes.

Retail marketing

The benefits of marketing software

Automate every step of the process by using a Retail marketing program. Analyse which previous campaigns were a success and which were better avoided and learn from it. Prepare a digital concept for the next campaign and instantly divide work processes amongst the correct employee’s to start the design phase. Workers can then get to designing precise marketing products using a stored, reuse (pre)-approved database of images, logos and more audiovisual content. Once the design-phase is finished each developed product will directly be sent along the correct channels towards the production and execution department where marketing content will automatically be distributed along the correct content channels to i.e. social media or point(s) of service.

Solutions for marketing bureaus

The benefit of Retail marketing using Encode’s software is that it is possible for marketing firms to add an extra step in between production and execution where marketing campaigns can be reviewed and approved. In this phase you can directly involve your clients and other stakeholders with access to a platform where they can review and approve queued campaigns.

What is Enterprise Architecture?

Have you always wanted to know what exactly Enterprise Architecture (EA) means? In this article we will explain all in’s and out’s in detail. Enterprise Architecture is a good way to gain insight into your company through business analysis, planning, design and implementation. All for a successful implementation of the strategy within your company. Enterprise Architecture makes it easy to see the entire process within your company and to give you insight into any business risks related to mainly IT areas. EA gives its stamp to an effective IT strategy and locks onto a controlled evolution in a way that will deliver business benefits for your company in an effective manner.

Users of Enterprise Architecture are mainly responsible for clarifying the analysis of the business architecture and additional processes. Often part of the costs within the company are outsourced to such employees in order to draw conclusions from the collected information. Next comes the point of action: the effectiveness, efficiency, and modernization of complex operations. Enterprise Architecture can bend to every organizational interests, but there are often generalities in it. Since 1993 the implementation of the business architecture process has emerged in order to maintain a better vision of the company.

Why Enterprise Architecture?

What can be taken into account when studying Enterprise Architecture: the personnel, relations, customer information, business processes, customer needs and technology of the company, but also relations with eachother and with the environment from outside. Enterprise Architecture helps organizations guide and make choices in aligning key business points: information, process, technology and business. It provides insight to identify, motivate and achieve change by empowering you to make choices and the best routes for your company.

What is an EA tool?

A digital Enterprise Architecture tool establishes the ability to analyze, track and provide guidance on enterprise findings. All online. Are you still looking for a good EA or BPM software tool? BlueDolphin from ValueBlue is one of the best tools we can recommend at the moment!


Luxury daybeds by Tine K Home

Do you enjoy summer? Hot weather? Beach vibes? Surely, you must love to come home after a long hot summer day at work and be able to just lay down on your garden daybeds so you can chill out! Fortunately, Tine K Home provides just that. Relax your entire body with just 10 minutes of rest or a quick nap on the soft and comfortable velours of Tine’s daybeds.

Variation is key

The different types of velour allows for the beds to be placed in almost any setting. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic environment or a modernistic simplicity, anything is possible. The daybeds are supported by strong and heavy weight bearing brass pillars which are stylish in and of itself. Order your personal favourite now in one of 4 different colors; rose, phantom, smoke or moss. Of course, the product could also be used as simplistic benches or multiple person footstools. Truly, the uses are completely up to your imagination!


A more natural solution

Don’t like the simple modernity of regular Tine K Home daybeds? Don’t fret, as they offer a special line of furniture made entirely from bamboo! Including daybeds. These daybeds made from one of the strongest hardwoods in the world are extremely durable. That makes them live up to three times as long as their competitor furnitures. An added benefit of not having to worry about breaking furniture for way longer is that it will also save costs as you won’t have to buy new furniture!

Pasajes aereos baratos

Pasajes aereos baratos

See the world and learn new languages with native people or learn about new cultures? This is all possible with Pasajes aereos baratos. Pasajes aereos is a company that has a lot of different options when it comes to travelling. Flying isn’t cheap but it doesn’t have to be amazingly expensive. Pasajes aereos was made to get you the most amazing deals on flights across the world. On their website they have all the deals layed out for you. You can easily find the deal that is fitting for you. There are multiple ways to do this.

Pasajes aereos baratos

How to find the best deal for you?

First of all you can search for destination and point of departure on Pasajes aereos baratos their website. It is also possible to filter by date of departure or day of return. This way it makes it really easy to find a deal that is fitting for your time and destination. If you are planning to travel with more than 1 person you can filter on this also. The more filter you use the more fitting the price will be. 

Not only Europe

Pasajes aereos baratos is not fixed to Europe. America, Asia, Africa and Australia are also possible to get tickets to.