How to reduce gender bias

Gender bias

To improve diversity and inclusion in a company you can do a couple of things. One of those things is to improve gender diversity. A lot of companies already work on it, but it could still be better. The ultimate goal is often to have more women in leadership roles. It’s a goal that a lot of companies have, but is still hard to reach. What can you do to improve gender diversity and reduce gender bias?

What is gender bias?

Diversity in a company depends on the recruitment process. Some industries mostly hire men. In those industries, gender bias plays a big role. But what is gender bias exactly? It is the simplified judgment people make about the features of a job and the perfect candidate for it. For instance, a recruiter can think that emotional thoroughness and analytical thinking are characteristics that are typical for engineers who work in construction. If recruiters think this, they may label these qualities as typical male traits. Because of this, the recruiter will, without being aware of it, focus on recruiting male candidates.

Gender bias language

Gender bias doesn’t only take place during the selection process in recruitment. It already starts long before the process; namely, with the job description text . The recruiter probably uses male-coded language that can scare off women to apply for the job. Male-coded words in the job description are for example ‘analyze’ and ‘dominant’. Words like these will appeal mostly to men. Gender bias is stronger in typical male industries. In these industries there is probably some gender decoding that needs to be done.

Improve diversity and inclusion

Do you want a more gender-diverse workforce? Then you really have to get rid of the thought that women don’t want to work in construction or IT. First, look at your recruitment process and how biased it is (unintentionally). Start with the gendered language you might use in the job descriptions. Do you want help with reducing gender bias, and improving diversity and inclusion at your company? Textmetrics can support you in this. It is a platform that helps you write the best content for your company in an inclusive manner.