Luxury daybeds by Tine K Home


Do you enjoy summer? Hot weather? Beach vibes? Surely, you must love to come home after a long hot summer day at work and be able to just lay down on your garden daybeds so you can chill out! Fortunately, Tine K Home provides just that. Relax your entire body with just 10 minutes of rest or a quick nap on the soft and comfortable velours of Tine’s daybeds.

Variation is key

The different types of velour allows for the beds to be placed in almost any setting. Whether you’re looking to create a rustic environment or a modernistic simplicity, anything is possible. The daybeds are supported by strong and heavy weight bearing brass pillars which are stylish in and of itself. Order your personal favourite now in one of 4 different colors; rose, phantom, smoke or moss. Of course, the product could also be used as simplistic benches or multiple person footstools. Truly, the uses are completely up to your imagination!


A more natural solution

Don’t like the simple modernity of regular Tine K Home daybeds? Don’t fret, as they offer a special line of furniture made entirely from bamboo! Including daybeds. These daybeds made from one of the strongest hardwoods in the world are extremely durable. That makes them live up to three times as long as their competitor furnitures. An added benefit of not having to worry about breaking furniture for way longer is that it will also save costs as you won’t have to buy new furniture!