Round Lounger


I had been planning to turn the garage into a den for some time now. The hardest part for me was choosing the furniture as I wanted to make an area that feels appealing for hanging out in. I saw the Round Lounger advertised and got the idea immediately – I could make the lounger be the centerpiece of the room and then keep the rest of the area simple and clutter-free. Delivery was quick and installation was a breeze.

The Final Result

The quality of the Round Lounger was much better than I anticipated considering the price. It looks very well made and I like the shape of it. Going for a circular look really makes it the focal point of the room. It was easy to fit the other pieces of furniture around the sides and corners of the room so it feels like there is more space to walk around. It just looks so appealing and it makes you want to sit down on it as soon as you enter the room. I would definitely recommend it for anyone looking to makeover a free space into a sitting area.

round lounger