Signs that you are using too much fertilizer

If you have a lot of plants, whether it’s just in the house or if you’re a gardener, chances are that you use fertilizer. When fertilizing, your plants will instantly grow and look better. However, over fertilizing is bad for your plants. In this article, we list a couple of signs that you’re using too much.

How to recognize over fertilization

So, it’s possible that you’re over fertilizing your plants, but how do you recognize this? There are multiple signs that indicate over fertilization. First of all, the leaves of the plant turn yellow and the tips of the leaves turn brown. Besides, the lower leaves can wilt and the roots can rot. Lastly, the plant grows very slowly and the leaves start to drop. Another major indicator, that doesn’t necessarily have to do with the plant itself is that a crust of fertilizer can be found on the soil surface.


As you probably already noticed, the signs of over fertilization are really similar to the signs of overwatering. So how do you recognize the difference? The signs of over fertilization will appear much sooner after fertilizing your plants than the signs of overwatering will after watering your plants. Besides, you can probably indicate whether you gave your plants either too much water or too much fertilizer (or both).

How to use fertilizer correctly

So, how to correctly fertilize your plants? First of all, it is indeed important to fertilize your plants. In most cases, the soil itself does not all necessary nutrients for plants. And even if it does, the plants will absorb these as they grow and the nutrients inside the soil will thus decrease.


However, the needs when it comes to fertilizer very per plant. In general, houseplants need to be fertilized once a month during spring and summer. You don’t need to fertilize them during the fall and winter.

Besides, it is important to use fertilizer additives. Fertilizer additives improve the quality of fertilizer and make sure that important nutrients don’t get lost. Therefore, it will increase the working of the fertilizer.

If you are not sure how to fertilize your plants, it is best to contact a supplier of fertilizer, such as