Simplify your Retail marketing process using Encode software

Retail marketing

Marketing campaigns are generally very resource intensive. They take up a lot of time from a lot of stakeholders per campaign. It can be a painstakingly long process, even for a marketing firm. In that case specialized software for Retail marketing can be the ultimate solution to automate time-consuming manual processes.

Retail marketing

The benefits of marketing software

Automate every step of the process by using a Retail marketing program. Analyse which previous campaigns were a success and which were better avoided and learn from it. Prepare a digital concept for the next campaign and instantly divide work processes amongst the correct employee’s to start the design phase. Workers can then get to designing precise marketing products using a stored, reuse (pre)-approved database of images, logos and more audiovisual content. Once the design-phase is finished each developed product will directly be sent along the correct channels towards the production and execution department where marketing content will automatically be distributed along the correct content channels to i.e. social media or point(s) of service.

Solutions for marketing bureaus

The benefit of Retail marketing using Encode’s software is that it is possible for marketing firms to add an extra step in between production and execution where marketing campaigns can be reviewed and approved. In this phase you can directly involve your clients and other stakeholders with access to a platform where they can review and approve queued campaigns.