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More information about warehouse insurance on insurance-focus.net

On insurance-focus.net/ you find a lot of information on warehouse insurance and a lot of other different insurances. On this website you can find insurance that fits your situation and how you take the next steps to close the insurance.


An affordable warehouse content insurance

If you are looking for affordable and most importantly good warehouse insurance with a good service? You can easily calculate your premium online for warehouse insurance. Apart from that you can independently choose an insurance that fits you and your warehouse. Apart from insurance for your warehouse insurance-focus.net/ also have insurance for all of the content inside of the warehouse. This insurance makes sure that all of the stuff that is inside of your warehouse is covered for all sorts of damage like fire, water storm and theft. All of the machines, phones, car’s and office furniture is covered by the content insurance. On the website you can find a lot of information on different insurance companies that have a good offer for you. 

Difference between business and trading goods

Commercial foods are the content that you sell or use in the making of the final product. The value measure of these goods is the market value most of the time. Business goods are goods that are used for business operations. You can think of products like cleaning material, fuel and all sorts of these products.

Setting up a business in Netherlands

If you’re having plans for setting up a business in Netherlands, it can be difficult if you’re a foreigner. However, we from ‘Set up your Dutch company’ can assist you in setting up your Dutch company on distance. You don’t have to come to the Netherlands yourself; our specialists will take care of the whole process within 5 – 10 working days, depending on the legal form you prefer. Our company offers many different services to new business owners who are setting up their Dutch business. For example, we are able to support you in registering your company in the Trade Register, opening a bank account, registering with the Dutch VAT authority and obtaining a VAT number and also provide in setting up the right administration. So, we have all in house to set up your company in a short amount of time.


There are many benefits for setting up a business in the Netherlands. For example, the Dutch economy is very stable over the last few years, partly due to a healthy political and financial climate. Thereby the Dutch infrastructure is great for business; Rotterdam contains the largest port in Europe, and don’t forget the big airports like Schiphol in Amsterdam. So the Netherlands has great business opportunities for every foreign business owner. Please contact the ‘Set up your Dutch company’ team for more information.