Why you should consider marketing automation

Marketing automation is an online marketing tactic that is often used for targeted and structured communication with the target group and stakeholders. In this article we will discuss the most important things about marketing automation and the reasons why to do it, if you are still not sure.

What is marketing automation?

Nowadays people are curious about what marketing automation is

‘Marketing automation is a tactic that allows you to warm up prospects with personalized and actionable content with the aim of converting prospects into customers and converting customers into loyal customers.”

Regarding this definition we can conclude that it is a smart strategy in order to get in touch with your target audience in a very easy and powerful way.

Methods to set it up

With tools for marketing automation you can start today with setting up your settings an the dashboard. There are five popular tools that can help grow your company.


With EngageBay you have an all in one marketing suite where you can focus on either sales, marketing and customer service.


With OptinMonster you can grow your email list. Did you know that email marketing is a very strong way to get your customers back?


With ConvertKit you can automate your mailings. It helps you to get more grip on your campaigns. So you can improve your campaigns.

Are you keen in marketing automation? We would like to advise to look at Sales Loves Marketing‘s website!